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At Canna Cycle, our goal is to provide the marijuana industry with a valued and necessary service.

We view our services to be complementary to the goals and objectives of the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED), the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA), state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies, and other interested stakeholders. We seek to ensure industry compliance to marijuana wastes disposal regulations. And, we do so by promoting the best interest of the industry, society, and the environment.


The State of Colorado has approximately 1,400 licensed marijuana cultivation facilities that annually dispose of an estimated 60,000 tons of marijuana wastes (leaves, stems, root balls, and soil) into the State's landfills, anaerobic digesters, and composting facilities. (The latter two are significant sources of bio-gas primarily methane and carbon dioxide.) State and local law enforcement are often overwhelmed with marijuana disposal needs.  And, home growers have very few responsible disposal options.

At Canna Cycle, our vision is to transform the way the industry thinks about and manages marijuana waste.  We are passionate about regulatory compliance, industry education, and the promotion of industry leading processes and technological innovations.  We seek the responsible and sustainable advancement of the industry for the well being of the state and its people.

We divert marijuana wastes from the state's traditional marijuana waste disposal facilities.  We repurpose it into plant loving probiotic teas and soil conditioning metabolites for the benefit of future grow operations.  This results in a reduction of disease, pests, and need for supplements that are harmful and damaging to the environment.  And it generates much higher quality and less expensive product with better medicinal and recreational value.  

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