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Marijuana Waste Disposal Services

At Canna Cycle, our goal is to provide the marijuana industry with a valued and necessary service.

We view our services to be complementary to the goals and objectives of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA), as well as the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED).  That is, we seek to ensure industry compliance to this specialized area of Colorado Marijuana Law and to do so in a manner that promotes the best interest of the industry, society, and the environment.

Our services help to keep customers compliant with marijuana waste regulations.  Prompt removal of waste reduces the risk of theft, break-ins, and destruction to private property.  Proper waste management helps to control marijuana crime and diversions (marijuana going where it shouldn't).

Our environmentally responsible disposal operations represent a sound investment in the environment.   We repurpose marijuana wastes into high quality metabolites that are returned to the soil rather than having marijuana wastes taking up valuable space within the state's solid waste landfills.  Best of all, repurposing marijuana waste results in much lower costs and higher quality product while limiting the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides.


Compliance Management Systems

At Canna Cycle, we take Regulatory Compliance and Customer Satisfaction Seriously. Starting any new business involves taking some risk. But those risks should never be borne by the customer.  To ensure your complete satisfaction, and to answer your every question, we met with the Governor's Office of Marijuana Coordination, MED, CDA, CDPHE and other city, state, and county stakeholders to introduce our waste management practices and business philosophy.  We strive to provide customers with more than just great service.  We strive to provide total transparency and absolute peace of mind!

Our services:

–Are established to be compliant with MED, CDA, and CDPHE regulatory requirements

–Reduce the risk of “Licenses Violations Affecting Public Safety” and resulting fines of up to $100K per violation.

–Reduce fear of MED imposed license sanctions that limit license activities.

–Reduce the risk of injurious defamation in the news media following alleged acts of non-compliance.

–Result in a reduction of risk associated with theft, break-ins, and destruction of establishment property.

–Better control diversions - cannabis going where it shouldn't - such as minors, the black market, other unintentional third parties.

–Act as positive proof of management controls that will directly impact the marijuana license renewal process.

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