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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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 What is Bokashi Fermentation?

Bokashi Fermentation is the process of "pickling" organic waste material with microbes that are added during the process.  It is done in a specialized container that excludes oxygen.


Is Bokashi Fermentation an approved Colorado marijuana waste disposal method?

Yes, the use of Bokashi is written into Colorado's legislation as an approved Marijuana Waste Disposal method. 


Has Canna Cycle obtained approvals to use Bokashi Fermentation within the State of Colorado?

Yes, as a professional courtesy,Canna Cycle has met with and/or notified the Governor's Office of Marijuana Coordination, the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED), the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA), and other city, county, and state stakeholders.  We introduced our business model and the use of Bokashi Fermentation as an environmentally friendly means of marijuana waste disposal.  These introductions have been overwhelmingly well received.


Who uses Bokashi Fermentation?

Bokashi Fermentation can be used by anyone for disposal of nearly any organic waste.

The use of Bokashi fermentation is relatively new to the state of Colorado, particularly as it relates to marijuana wastes.  However, Bokashicycle (see our Partner Page) currently has clients across the US and Canada who use Bokashi Fermentation for the disposal of marijuana.  And, in Canada, where marijuana waste disposal is controlled by the federal government, Bokashicycle fermenting is recognized as the preferred method to dispose of the country's marijuana waste.

TheraCann International, formerly Benchmark Labs,  (, is a leading international cannabis industry cultivation and consulting firm. They describe Bokashicycle fermenting as the cannabis industry’s number one fermenting system.  It is designed to rapidly destroy cannabis.  They have made Bokashicycle an international partner in marijuana waste disposal. Click to see TheraCann's endorsement of Bokashicycle

Innovative Organics (see our Partner Page) is currently using the Bokashi fermentation system inside and outside of Colorado's Marijuana Industry. They sell their teas and soil conditioners to the marijuana industry, green houses, farmers, and other agronomic-based businesses. Through our ongoing partnership, Canna Cycle and Innovative Organics are well positioned to capitalize on the growing and virtually untapped marijuana repurposing business opportunity within the United States.


What’s the difference between compost and Bokashi fermented waste byproduct?

Bokashi fermented waste byproduct is far more rich in organic content and nutrients. During the fermentation process no greenhouse gases are produced.  No heat is generated.  This is quite the opposite from composting where many polluting gases and heat are allowed to escape into the atmosphere. Composting reduces the mass of material by more than 50%. Bokashi fermentation leaves the mass of material virtually unchanged. The moisture content for Bokashi fermented byproduct is much higher. The soil does not desiccate (dry) as does the soil with compost. Bokashi fermentation conserves ground water. Further, the Bokashi fermentation organic nutrients in the soil are not as water soluble as are the nutrients derived from composting (by oxidation). Bokashi fermentation nutrients are therefore less prone to leaching away with watering and run-off after rains. Simply put, Bokashi fermented byproduct is a superior alternative to the use of traditional compost.


Why would a cultivation facility use the services of Canna Cycle as opposed to working directly with Bokashicycle and others in the industry?

Canna Cycle provides training and know how to enable clients to do just that.  We are committed to the success of our customers. Our reasoning is simple. When you succeed we succeed.

Most cultivation facilities however recognize the value that Canna Cycle brings to their operation. We provide flexibility that allows growers to better match labor and service needs with individual harvests. We eliminate the need to purchase and maintain expensive and specialized industrial-grade capital equipment. We eliminate the learning curve.  And, we remove a labor intensive and often dirty process to the relief of the staff at the facility.  We streamline your marijuana waste operations to better ensure compliance.  It is often easier, especially in the early stages of a company's life, to simply outsource this specialized activity conserving scarce resources for other needs. Our technicians are highly trained and offer growers advice well beyond waste remediation. They are always available to deliver soils, compost, teas, worm castings, and other tools of the trade upon each service call thereby contributing to better overall facility efficiency. We become an integral extension of your team and treat each facility as if it were our own.


How will Canna Cycle and Bokashi Fermentation save me money?

In addition to removing the labor and equipment costs associated with waste disposal, a typical customer will realize dramatic savings off the costs of soil and nutrient purchases. The repurposing of marijuana wastes creates highly prized probiotic teas and soil conditioning metabolites.  The teas are usually greatly diluted prior to plant application.  So, a little goes a long way. The soil based cultivator however stands to reap the most rewards.  Soils are reconditioned with the "pickled" solids creating highly rich and balanced soils for future grow operations.  The use of these extremely valuable waste byproducts reduce costs, produce higher quality plants, and limit the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are harmful to human health and the environment.


Do you provide compliance services beyond waste management?

At Canna Cycle, we offer our clients a full range of discounted compliance training programs, free online record keeping, and a free license tracking and notification system. Offering these incentives is merely our way of saying thank you for using Canna Cycle.  We also offer "Compliance As A Service." This includes risk assessment with recommended solutions, management controls that maintain regulatory compliance, and up to date cannabis regulatory guidance and expertise.  These services are perfect for the company who doesn't have the budget or in house expertise required to assure regulatory compliance, or  those who simply wish to brush up on certain aspects of their compliance requirements. 


How Do I Get Started?

At the bottom of this page, click on the link, "Is Bokashi Fermentation & Soil Remediation Right For Me." Answer the few questions that appear to the best of your ability. These questions are aimed toward defining your current spend in soil and nutrient purchases. They represent an indication of potential future savings.  

Then send us an email or call to set up a no obligation consultation. We are excited about compliantly disposing of your marijuana waste, diverting it from the states traditional waste disposal systems, and in the process, changing your business in ways you have yet to imagine. We invite you to join the paradigm of using your wastes to take your business to the next level.



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